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Neva Nude Pasty Vampire Lips Glitter

Vampire teeth and lips adorned with blood. Pasties use latex-free medical-grade adhesive. Made of sw.....

Neva Nude Pasty Snowman Glitter

Each pack includes 2 Nipztix pasties. Nipztix will effectively hide your thunder while allowing you .....

Neva Nude Pasty Snowflake Glitter Gold

Neva Nude Gold Fairy Dust Snowflake Pasties cuz youâre their xmas wish babe. Make it oh so merry in .....

Neva Nude Pasty Snowflake Glitter Frost

Shine bright like the queen you are in these SUPER Glitter Frost pasties. These pasties have thick p.....

Neva Nude Pasty Snowflake Glitter Blue

Rock your body without the wardrobe malfunction in these sparkly blue snowflakes. Designed to be ap.....

Neva Nude Pasty Seductive Sunflower Glitter Velvet

@neva You belong along the wildflowers. You belong somewhere close to me. Far away from your trouble.....

Neva Nude Pasty Santa Hat Glitter

Your girls will be excited about these Neva Nude Glitter Santa Hat Pasties. These red sparkle santa .....

Neva Nude Pasty Rainbow Pride Rose Glitter Velvet

@neva Let pride blossom and bloom with these diverse and beautiful Rainbow Rose Nipztix Pasties. Mad.....

Neva Nude Pasty Heart Sequins Red To Green

All red, All Green or mix for Christmas! If you are ready to jingle some bells and saddle up those .....

Neva Nude Pasty Enchanted Red Rose Glitter Velvet

@neva Enchanting red rose Nipztix Pasties. Made with luxurious glitter velvet. Each pack includes 2 .....

Neva Nude Pasty Driving Miss Daisy Glitter Velvet

@neva Pink Realistic Daisy. Made with luxurious glitter velvet. Each pack includes 2 Nipztix. Sizin.....

Neon X Pasties Pink

These self-adhesive X-shaped vinyl pasties are made for teasing and pleasing any time you want to lo.....

Erotic Tattoos Assorted Pack

Assorted sayings to give your potential partner a no nonsense sign of what you really desire. Tempor.....

Bachelorette Bride To Be Tiara With Veil

Cute, fun tiara and veil make it easy to spot the center of attention......